Wireless Bras: Looking for a reason to switch?

Tired of metal digging into your ribcage all day? Us too. Looking through some of the latest studies in the holistic health field we stumbled upon several sources explaining why wireless bras are more than just a matter of comfort:

  1. The wires in your bra interrupt the lymphatic system that filters out waste toxins from your body. If the lymphatic system isn’t working correctly, the body can’t dispose of toxins properly. (Toxins cause severe diseases.)
  2. Wearing a wired bra generates more electricity from body heat than necessary.
  3. Wearing a Wired Bra limits rib and midriff movement. The limit ultimately decreases heart and lung performance. A tight bra is also harmful to heart and blood circulation.

If you’re ready to switch over, here’s a few tips to get started!

  • You can easily convert a few of your current wired bras into wireless bras by taking one of your current bras that you aren’t crazy about and simply snipping a hole at the opening of each cup and pulling the wire out. TaDa! You’ve got yourself a wireless bra.
  • To ease into the Wireless Bra lifestyle, try alternating days wearing Wire and Wireless Bras.
  • Make sure not to wear bras to sleep!
  • If you’re shopping for a wireless bra, a few recommended brands: Simply Perfect (at Target)Maidenform, Gap, American Apparel and Victoria’s Secret.
  • Try replacing the wire in your bra with one of these plastic underwires.

Wireless bras are definitely an upcoming trend. However, since wireless bras are not as popular as wired bras, there’s limited design, style and lace. InnerSource has a few more recommendations if you have trouble finding our tried-and-true brands of wireless bras.