QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis is an applied kinesiological testing technique (referred to as ‘muscle testing’ by some). It uses the Bi-digital (2 finger) O-ring test and is a safe, non-invasive, easy, and painless assessment tool.

Discovered and patented by Yoshiaki Omura Ph. D, the O-ring has been tested in scientific studies and clinically proven to work. The O-ring test is based on the fact that the strength (energy) of the fingers directly reflects the condition of the stimulated organ.

Just as blood runs through your veins and arteries, energy or chi runs through energy pathways called meridians.  Along these meridians lay specific points that correspond to organs.  The strength of the O-ring is measured on these TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) acupuncture points and the results demonstrate the vitality of each organ, gland or energy center. Itis used in conjunction with the QCI vial (highly-charged volcanic minerals) in order to determine the root of one’s ailments.

Once the weak organs/glands are identified, we can choose the correct remedy for each individual to create a custom program.