21 Day Detox

After a decade of helping clients lose weight as a side effect of addressing imbalances in the body, I believe that many of our ailments are directly correlated to toxicity. Toxins are fat soluable so the pesticides, heavy metals, plastics and other synthetics we come to contact with get stored in fatty tissue, like your brain or thryoid and your liver will get “fatty”. When our toxic load increases, and our cup gets full, our bodies hold on to excess fat. Thus, when you lose fat, you will lose toxins and when you rid of toxins, you will drop excess fat. This is why when you lose weight, you usually experience better moods and higher energy. A regular short term detox program and a wholistic lifestyle program will help you to jump start your wellness journey. We all need to cleanse our minds and bodies regularly. I recommend a bi-annual or (even quarterly if necessary) detox that is centered on getting whole foods in your diet and really eliminating hard to digest foods and toxins. I always recommended detoxing with a friend, a spouse or other family member for accountability and it’s just more fun together! Now, I am offering groups with daily check-in’s, meal ideas, tips and nutrition education in order to provide accountability. Read more about the detox here.

FASTer Way To Fat Loss®

I am so excited to have partnered with FASTer Way to Fat Loss® and to be running this 6 week program which consists of intermittent fasting, tracking macronutrients, carb cycling and daily workouts. You will also have access to a private facebook community for support and accountability. Whether you have 50 pounds to lose or want to tone up and learn cutting edge strategies to become a pro fat burner, this program will help you! This program emphasizes whole food nutrition but also allows for occasions and “life” and meets you where you are. You can modify it to fit your lifestyle to reach your goals. Sign up for our next round here.