We offer a range of services listed below to help you reach your health goals. At Healthee Life, your main concerns, health history and goals will be evaluated to design a realistic, customized nutrition plan.

After determining any deficiencies, toxicities or imbalances, a personalized program consisting of vitamins, herbs, and cleansing therapies will be recommended to help you rid your ailments quickly and efficiently. We will help you implement specific lifestyle and diet changes to maximize your energy and teach you how to maintain vibrant health.

We use a variety of advanced testing methods in and out of office to assess the state of your condition and then to monitor your progress.

Our primary in office testing methods include:

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA): This painless, non-invasive energetic testing tool is used to assess the state of your organs and glands. This is done through the use of  traditional acupuncture points and energy or ‘chi’ meridians.

Zyto Technology: This innovative assessment tool to helps us qualify and quantify what is going on in the body. It uses GSR (galvanic skin response) to communicate with the body by sending energetic frequencies to the body and receiving corresponding responses from the body.

Blood, Urine and Saliva Tests: Sometimes, annual blood tests don’t give us the full picture. We use advanced laboratory tests to grasp a more thorough picture of your health status.

Our programs start with a 90 minute introductory session followed-up by 30 minute follow-up sessions which may include one or more of the following:

  • Organ/ Gland/ Meridian/ Nutrition Testing: We believe that the body works as a system and that it should not be compartmentalized. It’s important to assess where the problems are but more importantly, we dig to find where the root of the problems lie. After identifying the root of the problem, we may balance them with vitamins and/or herbal supplements.
  • Physical and Emotional Trauma Clearance: Did you know that physical trauma can be part of the underlying cause of a condition? For instance, a whiplash injury or a scar may be causing symptoms such as indigestion, chronic allergies or migraines. Likewise, emotional trauma, such as a death of a loved one, divorce, or even a pet’s accident, can have a dramatic impact on one’s physical health. We make sure that all trauma areas are identified and cleared with the use of therapeutic minerals, essential oils and mud to ensure rapid healing.
  • Emotional Repolarization/ Perception Reframing: Some of you know that your health concerns are rooted in emotional trauma. Whether is was a bad break-up, your parents’ divorce when you were a child, a friend’s betrayal, or your own inability to forgive yourself, emotions play a huge role in your body’s ability to function and heal properly. Perception alters Reality. Think about that. The way your perceive yourself, your relationships, your dream can define and change your world. Then, what can change your perception? It’s your emotions. How you feel can change your perception on a subject. We can help you to alter your emotions to perceive your reality in a way to truly find healing.
  • Food Sensitivity Testing: Sometimes it is the food; fast food, soda, sugar, etc plays a role on the body. BUT sometimes, you believe you’re feeding the body correctly but no matter what, you experience bloating, gas, constipation, sinus congestion, rashes, skin problems, etc. We will test foods that may be aggravating or causing your condition s and help you replace them and slowly fix your system so you can enjoy your favorite things occasionally.
  • Meal Planning/ Macro Planning: Once we analyze your current diet and your newfound food sensitivities, we help you navigate your food options and help you plan your ideal “pantry” list, meal ideas and provide snack lists. We will direct and provide alternatives like nut “mayo” , dairy free “cheese and grain free bread. Also with these new boundaries in minds, we teach your the right amount of macro-nutrients to consume based on your goals, body type, health history, health status and activity level.
  • EMF Protection: Many are becoming aware of the harmful effect (such as headaches, earaches, etc) of electromagnetic field (EMF’s) from microwaves, cell phones, planes and computers that surround us and affect our well being.  Although these energies aren’t visible (like electricity) we cannot deny their presence. Since few of us can avoid using these technological tools of our modern era, we offer solutions to minimize the damaging effects of EMF’s in your daily life from devices like computers and phones as well as protection from the electric and WiFi energies in your home and office.