Oh! These Towers!

I am so grateful for this little path in my neighborhood… it’s much nicer than running on sidewalks and it saves me from having to drive somewhere to run… though the boardwalk would be nice!

BUT these things. You see them? Those electrical towers?? Ugh.

Some clinicians call it the white elephant in the room when it comes to searching for the root cause of a client’s main concerns. These unseen sources of radiation from electrical devices, phones, microwaves, computers, cell phone towers etc., create Electromagnetic Fields or EMF that can contribute to fatigue and can make it very difficult to rid of infections or toxicities.

We can’t run away from EMFs. Well, I have heard of some people who have moved to more untouched areas of the world to get away from this growing presence of the unseen energy but, nowadays, you can find cell signals in the desert (though it was sooo refreshing to find that there weren’t ANY towers inside Joshua Tree National Park) and on remote islands even. Unless you are going to give up entirely on modern life, it’ll be there. If not your TV, your neighbors’ TV. (My old neighbor put in a satellite on the roof of our building and all of a sudden my clients starting testing off!!) It’s not just the signal from your cell phone – it’s that of anyone else’s around you. Also, consider your XM radio or navigation or your car in general (hybrid cars and electric cars would probably impose more of an energetic challenge on our bodies). There are over 500 antenna and 160 cell towers in a 3 mile radius from my office. (Well, I’m not even a mile from the beach so imagine if you are in the city! Try searching your address on

Like anything else, it depends on each individual’s unique sensitivity. I’ve had clients who could feel if the wifi was on… at their homes, library, workplace, restaurants, etc. It’s like some people are sensitive to certain foods or chemicals or pollens. But this doesn’t mean that EMF’s are good for anyone, thus we refer to them as the white elephant!

It’s kindof a catch 22. I find that those who are extremely sensitive to EMF’s are dealing with a number of toxicities and infections. But because of this sensitivity, the body’s innate healing capacity is weakened and it’s hard to clear these toxicities and infections.

In my office: Enter Mud Therapy. It’s like using a mud mask on your face or slathering mud at one of those natural springs resorts, only the mud we use is highly therapeutic and applied at targeted areas assessed for each individual. It helps pull toxicities out of energetically dead areas in your body to restore your energy flow or “chi” and kickstart your body’s own healing functions. Most of my clients have gone through mud treatments in my office or own their own at home and each time I am surprised how a little bit of mud changes the body so profoundly. It is true – nature provides our medicine.

There are protection devices everywhere now but they don’t all work. And even when they work they all vary on how long the they will protect you from harmful rays. For example, a cell phone protector sticker (flat ones are generally useless – I now only test ones that are somewhat raised) may test strong on a device for 1 minute or 3 minutes or 60 mins.

Safe Space Protection offers a variety of stickers/ tools to protect your environment. We tested the cell phone protector and while it keeps it safe from light use (texting, etc), a 5 minute phone call did weaken our clients. However, we found their EMF Adapter to be an easy simple way to neutralize EMF’s from electrical devices in your space (So anything plugged into your home/ office. You’ll need one for each circuit breaker in your space.)

For phones and tablets, we found Aires Tech’s Aires-shield-extreme a solid product. Most of us aren’t on a phone call on our cell phones for over an hour anymore. If you need to be, I highly recommend you use the speaker function, but this little guy held strong for over an hour.

The Q-Disc 3.0 from Premier Research Labs, works on all types of cell phones. The Q-Disc contains a full spectrum of highly paramagnetic elements and can hold up indefinitely.

You can protect your home, car and devices but you may need to consider protection for your body, wherever you are. A lovely client started her company Awaken the Peace creates these little pendants filled with crystals, wrapped with titanium (then gold plated if you wish) and embellished with ‘om’ and ‘love’.

I’ve found these pendants test strong consistently among my clients. You can wear one on a necklace you already own or purchase a chain with gemstones (I love rose quartz and moonstone personally!). However, be careful as gems all have healing properties (like oils) and you may or may not need a particular one at any given point in time and they can cause disturbances. Also, metallic chains (anything that goes around you – your wrist, neck, ankle) can also create energy blocks so string or leather can be a better option if you are sensitive.

I hope this post helps you be more mindful of the energetic frequencies around you!