The Magic Bullet

I use this small but mighty tool just about everyday — and most of the time, more than once a day — so I figured it deserves a place on this site. Most of you probably own this mini blender or have at least seen the infomercials.

I’ve used a number of similar blenders, even before the Magic Bullet days, as my mom always had one in her kitchen to make marinades, chop garlic, and the like. I wanted to compare this one to the generic brands my mom uses. On a random day flipping through channels 3 years ago, I made my very first (and only to date) infomercial purchase and have been pleased.

Though the product isn’t a super blender (it won’t make almond butter or chop up apples), it serves it’s purpose as a blender. I makes smoothies, protein shakes, sauces, marinades, salad dressings, cashew cream yogurts, and much much more with this small by mighty tool. Especially because my food processor is so big (14 cup), I use this product way more often on a daily basis.

Clean up is simple and it takes up very little space on the countertop. The smallest package you find at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond come with and two stainless-steel cutting blades, one cross and one flat; two blender cups (tall and short); four mugs with colored lip rings; two stay-fresh lids; and two shaker/steamer tops. This package promoted on the infomercial include a larger blender attachment as well, while this newest package also includes flip top lids.

I am glad I have the blender attachment when I want to make the same smoothie for a few people, though I honestly rarely use it. The juicer (mesh strainer and pusher attachment) doesn’t do a good job at all. I tried using it to ‘juice’ greens and then again to make almond milk, neither of which was successful.

But everyone needs a blender and if you don’t really need a 3-hp motor to make baby foods and raw desserts, and only cook for 1 or 2, the Magic Bullet does the trick!