Julie & Julia

A few months ago, a good friend called me in tears to ask if I could watch Julie & Julia with her after a very disappointing day.

I left my kitchen in a mess and happily agreed to lend my shoulder.

I had almost forgotten how badly I wanted to watch the film.  How much more this film was then an exploration of French cuisine! We both laughed aloud while connecting personally to the characters. Yes, perseverance and patience: my friend was comforted after not passing her certification exam learning that even Julia Child failed her first graduating exam! And even after passing her second time, it took her 8 years to publish her first cook! Granted this was 1961 and life was much much slower, 8 years? I don’t know if I could stay motivated that long.

As for me… I also start this blog/site in hopes to reach a network of people with whom I can share and learn. This site is a bridge between my work and passion, clients and friends, and simply, me and you… but discipline is something I’ve always lacked. I hope my purpose can wake me up at 5:30am – or, at least keep me from staying awake till 5:30 since I am a natural night owl. I strive for that much dedication to this site.

Thank you Julie and (Julia & Julie) – the movie meant so much more having watched it with you.

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