InstaCart: New Way to Grocery Shop

It’s an all-too familiar situation for most of us: after a long day at work you’re facing coming home to an empty stomach and and empty fridge. The grocery store sounds like the last place on Earth you’d want to go.

Enter InstaCart. Log on to the website or app and choose from three different stores: here in Los Angeles, our options are Whole Foods, Costco and Ralph’s.

Once you’ve selected the store you’d like to purchase from, you shop away! The costs of food items are set by InstaCart, and are comparable to in-store prices. The website is comprehensive and easy to navigate (thank goodness, since frustration and starvation often can lead to hanger). The best part of InstaCart? Your groceries are delivered super quickly for a super low cost. For $4 delivery is guaranteed within two hours; for $15, an hour or less.

Your personal shopper is available from 9am until midnight daily, and will shop until the local stores close. They’ve been trained to pick out the best produce and will adhere to any requests made regarding ripeness. And if an item is out of stock, they’ll get in contact with you to ask for an alternative. Does this sound like the best grocery store experience yet? Because, wait: there’s no delivery fee on your first order.

So sit back, put your feet up, and let your groceries come to you!