Healthier Finds at Target

I never understood buying food at Target. It made sense that they sold soda, candy bars, and bottled water, but chicken? Bananas? Wild-caught Salmon? Yes. They do. Frozen. But it’s wild.

Why is it that I’m surprised? It should be expected to see positive changes not to mention that there is a great big market out there of people looking for healthier, eco-friendly options. A couple of months ago, I read this article about the one-stop-shop superstore mega-chain changing their farm raised salmon to wild caught and meant to check it out. I filed it neatly in the file cabinet of my memory but it got lost until today while on a packing-tape run to the neighborhood “Tar-jay”.  Like the article pointed out, this isn’t one of the newer target that sells fresh meat and produce but they did have the wild-caught Atlantic Keta Salmon. The 1.5 lb bag with 6 individually vacuum sealed 4-ounce (ish) fillets cost me $6.74! Though the receipt points out that it’s normally $8.99, even at that price, it’d only be $6 a pound, a dollar less than Trader Joe’s Wild Caught Sockeye Salmon.

Nothing beats fresh but it’s more convenient when on the run (like I was today) and it saves on the grocery bill a bit. It’s also something you can fall back on when you can’t go grocery shopping this week but remembered “hey, I have some salmon in the freezer!”

I threw some sweet potatoes in the toaster oven (set the timer and forgot about it), dunked a couple of fillets in a bowl of cold water to thaw and went back to work for 30 minutes before washing some greens and simply poaching the fillets for 4 minutes!  No kidding. Easy clean-up. Simple, healthy, mid-week meal.

Another random find while at the store was True North nut clusters.

Though reluctant at first since the line is owned by none other than Frito Lay, I decided to give them a try based on the simple ingredients. The Almond Clusters bag and the Pecan Almond Peanut Clusters only contain 3 ingredients other than nuts: brown rice syrup, sugar and salt. Though they are not raw (raw nuts are way healthier for you as the oils are intact), they don’t have any artificial flavors or sweeteners. They avoided both the long-since blacklisted high fructose corn syrup (from GMO corn) and the newly black-listed agave nectar, instead opting for brown rice syrup. Well, more to come on agave…good? or bad?… and all the dirt on detoxing.

Enjoy your evenings!