Handy Dandy Electric Kettles

My old electric kettle was plastic so I started to use a small pot, but after almost burning down the house a few times, I decided to search for a stainless steel electric kettle.

All of the kettles I found had a plastic water level viewer which seemed to defeat the purpose of using a stainless steel kettle so I searched and searched. The Breville Ikon was highly recommended to me though it is a bit pricey for something with a single purpose. Shortly after, their Variable Temperature kettle was released which was extremely appealing to me as I like my water just before boiling and teas are supposed to taste better made with slightly cooler water.

However, I couldn’t justify the hefty price tag, nor the plastic window, so I decided to purchase Hamilton Beach’s Cool Touch Kettle. I was so excited to receive it but upon opening the package, I realized that the underside of the removable top was indeed made of plastic. šŸ™

I think I would’ve have chosen this one over any other since I couldn’t find any other without any plastic and this one was reasonably price (not to mention a few reviewers’ negative experience with Breville’s Customer Service), but I try to open the lid as soon as my water is hot.

Regardless, a electric kettle is extremely helpful for those who are timer conscious and don’t burn down kettles when the whistle doesn’t blow.