Griffith Park Trails

Griffith park marks one of the greatest outdoor resource for us Angelenos. I have so many childhood memories of family picnics, the merry-go-round, and Sunday horseback riding trips including the first time I went on the fast pony on the pony loop, thanks for dad who told them I was 8 when I had just barely turned 6.  Going up to the observatory to see the lights of the city and the stars was one of my most favorite things as a kid — and then revisiting it after the many years of renovation a few years was so refreshing.

Something that I’ve never done though until recently, was hike up the many trails offered up the peaks of the mountains. I will be adding to this post as I explore the many other paths, but we start with:

Fern Dell Park to the Upper and Lower West Observatory Trail

Turn onto Fern Dell Drive from Los Feliz Blvd. Parking along the street and continue along the sidewalk. You’ll pass the Trails cafe on the left, which I haven’t tried yet, though the consensus seems to be that it’s a cool, rock-music playing, bread-baking spot with free WiFi. There are picnic tables to the right (where a man was doing sit-ups, sitting on the table, feet locked under the bench), a playground for the little ones and a creek that marks the beginning of the trail.

Heading away from the road, you’ll see a fork in the path. They both lead to the same place but the one on the left is a bit longer, windier and steeper than the one on the right. At the top, right before the paved road meets the trail, is an overlook of the city. Cross the paved road and continue along to the top of the hill, where you’ll walk straight out of the clearing into the Observatory lawn. Enjoy the breathtaking views!

Complete trail maps available here and here.