Green Tea and Weight-Loss: How does it work?

A new study performed out of the Department of Microbiology at the University College of Medicine in Seoul, Korea, found that EGCg is proven to have “anti-obesity and anti-adipogenic effects”.

In layman’s terms: EGCg is the most plentiful catechin in green teas. It’s previously been shown to have therapeutic uses in the treatment of diseases and disorders such as HIV, cancer, and chronic fatigue syndrome, and now it’s being recognized to have a use in decreasing one’s fat production. The way this works is actually quite simple. EGCg increases the use of protein pathways that promote anti-adipogenesis, and decrease the use of pathways that correlate to adipogenesis (the process cells use to store fat).

The study clarifies that these properties are somewhat dependent on the pathways you are born with – one cannot increase the number of WNT/Beta-catenin pathways in their cell’s makeup – however, part of Defying your DNA means learning to work with what you have! EGCg helps put what you have naturally inside of you to better use… and couldn’t we all use a little support?