FWTFL Part 3 – Carb Cycling + Strategic Workouts

What is Carb cycling? It is just what it sounds like: an alteration of carbohydrate intake to prevent fat loss plateaus and keep your metabolism working effectively. Basically, you cycle between low carb days and regular carb days to ensure that your body burns fat effectively without causing significant hormonal damage or dips in energy.

We are not entirely getting rid of carbohydrates from our diet. Our bodies were designed to burn sugar (glucose) and carbohydrates are complex sugars.

As part of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, we pair our workouts with carb intake strategically. This again turns your body into a fat burner as opposed to a sugar burner, and provides you with enough fuel to keep your energy levels up for tough strength training workouts. We manipulate our carbs to ensure optimal energy levels, while effectively using our glycogen stores to stabilize hormone levels.

Honestly there are TONS of benefits to carb cycling in addition to fat loss. Yes we focus us FAST LOSS and not WEIGHT LOSS. Carb cycling clients see actual body composition changes. Also, they experience:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Improved moods
  • A flexible lifestyle that is enjoyable
  • A nutritional strategy that isn’t too overwhelming or stressful. One that allows you to eat out and enjoy your lifestyle while continuing to see progress towards your goals.

Though I highly recommend that you start tracking your foods to see what you are eating (even if you follow the default recommendations by My Fitness Pal) I do not advise you to carb cycle on your own and here’s why:

  • You need to effectively pair your carb cycle with your workouts to see the best results.
  • If you cut your carbs too low on low carb day, your body will actually start holding on to all of the carbs. It’s important that you set your low carb days just right, so that you see maximum results.
  • Ensuring that your carb cycle is based on whole foods with a few treats here and there will keep you lean, strong and energized!

Carb cycling is a cutting edge strategy that will undoubtedly get you results. The benefits in terms of health are remarkable, but the lifestyle benefits make it a sustainable strategy for life. The combination of intermittent fasting and carb cycling with strategic workouts and learning to eat whole foods, will turn your body into a fat burner! Sign up for our next round of FWTFL here.