Fresh Start Detox Program

Everything you eat, breathe and put on your skin needs to be processed and filtered by your liver and then excreted via the intestines and/or kidneys. The more we use these organs by bombarding our systems with junk, the more we need to clean and help them work. Unfortunately, we as a culture don’t practice regular detoxification nor do we get all the nutrients in the amounts necessary to support healthy and complete detoxification.

It is recommended that we participate in a detox program at least once a year, ideally twice a year.  Fasting, though helpful in other ways, is NOT a detox as the normal detoxification process requires protein. You will not be hungry during this detox as you will eat regular meals and snacks during this program as well as take a nutrient-laden protein shake.  You will be provided with a shopping list of foods that are allowed during the detox. To get an idea, you will not be eating red-meat, shellfish, gluten containing grains, night shade veggies, corn, soy, dairy and sugar during the program; however you are allowed most veggies, fruits, some poultry and fish, nuts, most beans, rice, quinoa, buckwheat and herbs.

This program includes the following:

  • Rice + Pea Protein Shake (to provide detox-specific nutrients)
  • Detox Nutrients (to enhance liver detoxification)
  • Antioxidants (to support detox symptoms)
  • Probiotics (to support the gut and maximize toxin-elimination)
  • 20 minute consultation to plan out meals for entire program
  • Detoxification Handbook with recipes, tips and instructions

Cost of 21-day Detox: $295

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