Culver City Stairs

Have you ever wondered about the odd hill that stands alone while driving along the 405?  That would be Baldwin Hills, a little out of place, giving us breathtaking views of all of Los Angeles.

The trail, steps and driveway leading up to the scenic overlook is off Jefferson Blvd, a little east of the park entrance on Duquesne Ave in Culver City. Parking on Jefferson might be a little tricky but the hike up and view is spectacular!

These steps aren’t uniform like the Santa Monica Stairs. The irregular steps range from a couple of inches to almost 2 feet – and some are deeper than others making the 230ish-step hike, more like a 500 step hike for a short-legged person like me!  Weekends are packed with families, little children running up and climbing the bigger steps with the help of their little hands.

In addition to the steps, there is a 1-mile hiking trail that weaves along the hillside, interweaving with the steps. If steps aren’t your thing or if you have bad knees, take the trail. You can still get to the top!

Just before the last 30-step stretch to the top, an elevation marked 375 feet above sea level, notice the little poem on the ground, engraved in concrete:

Step by step your climb expands
the cityscape a thousand fold,
framing it ever more broadly with hillside and sky.

Concrete = cement + sand + aggregate + water
= sidewalks + freeways + buildings + waterways +
What would L.A. be without concrete?

Get to the top and breathe in the panoramic views of the city alongside the photographers trying the capture it on film. Take a friend, a pack and enjoy picnic at the top!  Do jumping jacks, push-ups, dips and squats while enjoying the view of ocean, downtown and snow-capped mountains! If you like to bike on an incline, take the paved road up Hetzler Road!