The Carrot

Tracking food intake, workouts, and supplements can become draining, but this application makes it easy and fun!

The Carrot is the leading life management tracker with many benefits. It offers 30+ different trackers for health and lifestyle. It even offers assistance to quit smoking using a gradual approach. It’s simple and well organized. It gives you the ability to search for nutritional info, medications, symptoms, and more. You can track things however you want- by time, date, duration, symptoms, etc. If you are tracking your nutritional information it gives you instant access to more than 20,000 foods.

A unique and helpful feature is also its ability to correlate tracked items into a personalized chart. For example, how does mood impact food intake? Which foods trigger headaches? Identifying triggers can motivate users to proactively change habits and behaviors. You can
then share all of this information with your physician, nutritionist, trainer, or whomever you please.

It is free to download and is currently available for iPhone and iPod touch.