Antibiotics: A Crisis

For quite some time now, there have been growing concerns about the overuse of antibiotics. Doctors prescribe them for every sore throat and sniffle; they are found in our commercially grown and sold meat, milk, and even produce. Most importantly, of course, they are prescribed for their intended use: fighting serious bacterial infections and illnesses such as gonorrhea and meningitis. However, their effectiveness in fighting these syndromes may be a thing of the past in the not so distant future. At the end of last month, the World Health Organization put out a statement warning the general population of a “global health security threat” which has now reached a “critical point”.

As more and more of the Earth’s citizens pop antibiotics without serious cause or thought, the bacteria that cause their symptoms mutate and adapt to the medications which used to kill them. This effect is worsened when the medication is taken irresponsibly and improperly.

We do know that antibiotics kill both the harmful and beneficial flora in our bodies, which can further weaken our immune systems if we don’t rebuild the lost cultures.

As the summer wanes and the fall approaches, make sure to take your basic support supplements, like Vitamin D and C, and probiotics. And instead of jumping on antibiotics as your first line remedy, try natural herbs that will strengthen the immune system like allicin from garlic and olive leaf extract.