Anatomy of Love

Created by an uber-talented card designer, this poster is more than a cute wall hanging.

The organs, glands and tissues are labeled with virtues: kindness, wisdom, joy, faith, honesty, long-suffering, righteousness, gentleness, truth, grace, respect, humility, commitment, patience, diligence, contentment, strength, self control, peace, goodness, compassion and love.

This poster reminds me of something I learned at a recent conference. It was amazing to see the correlation between emotions & thoughts and the actual chemical processes that occur in the body.  The speaker’s presentation divided diseases and conditions into 2 basic categories, the first including inflammatory conditions like heart disease and arthritis and the second including irregular growth conditions like cancer.  The main personality trait of the first group tend to be fiery, expressing emotions easily and thus have conditions that “blows up” like strokes.  Those categorized in the second group tend to hold onto their emotions and thus “grow” their emotions into tumors, cysts, etc.

The most interesting thing about this is that what happens inside the cell tend to happen outside the cell. And in reverse, what happens outside can dictate what happens inside. So in essence, you can control what happens inside your cells by changing your attitude and thoughts. Of course the goal is to be in balance, to be able to release thoughts in a positive manner but also be able to hold your tongue and accept things that are not in your control with peace.

So for the new year, I challenge you to take control of your physical health by taking reign of your thoughts and the way you deal with your emotions!

Let us all strive to really hold these virtues as part of our natural anatomy!