Acid – Alkaline Food Chart

As a general rule of thumb, fruits and vegetables leave an alkaline residue on the body while animal products. legumes and grains leave an acidic residue on the body.  Another daily habit of many people is drinking coffee which is very acidic!

Here is a printer friendly chart to help you guide yourself to achieving a more alkaline diet.

Lemons; Watermelon.

Asparagus; Cantaloupe; Cayenne; Celery; Dates; Figs; Fruit Juices; Grapes; Kelp; Kiwi; Limes; Mango; Melons; Papaya; Parsley; Passionfruit; Pears; Pineapple; Raisins; Seaweeds; Seedless Grapes; Umeboshi Plums; Vegetable Juice; Watercress.

Alfalfa Sprouts; Apple Cider Vinegar; Apples; Apricots; Avocados; Bananas; Beets; Bell Peppers; Broccoli; Cabbage; Carob; Cauliflower; Currants; Dates; Figs; Garlic; Ginger; Grapefruit; Grapes; Green Beans; Guavas; Herbs; Lettuce; Nectarine; Oranges; Peaches; Pears; Peas; Potatoes (w/ skin); Pumpkin; Raspberries; Sea Salt; Squash; Strawberries; Sweet Corn; Turnip.

Almonds; Brown Rice Vinegar; Brussels Sprouts; Cherries; Chestnuts; Coconut (fresh); Cucumbers; Egg Yolks; Eggplant; Essene Bread; Goat’s Milk (raw); Honey (raw); Jerusalem Artichokes; Leeks; Mayonnaise (homemade); Mushrooms; Nutritional Yeast; Okra; Olive Oil; Olives (ripe); Onions; Pickles (homemade); Radishes; Sea Salt; Sesame Seeds; Soy Beans (dry); Spices; Sprouted Grains; Tofu; Tomatoes.

Butter (fresh, unsalted); Cream (fresh, raw); Cow’s Milk and Whey (raw); Margarine; Oils (except olive); Yogurt (plain).

Bananas (Green); Barley (Rye); Beans (Most); Blueberries; Bran; Butter; Cereals (unrefined); Cheeses; Cranberries; Dry Coconut; Egg; Fructose; Goat’s Milk (Homogenized); Honey (Pasteurized); Ketchup; Mustard; Oats (Whole); Olives (Pickled); Pasta (unrefined); Plums; Popcorn; Potatoes; Prunes; Pumpkin Seeds; Rice (Whole); Soy Sauce; Sunflower Seeds; Wheat (Sprouted).


Artificial Sweeteners; Beef; Beer; Breads; Brown Sugar; Cereals (refined); Chocolate; Cigarettes; Coffee; Deer; Drugs; Fish; Flour (white); Jams; Jellies; Juices with Sugar; Lamb; Liquor; Maple Syrup (processed); Molasses (sulfured); Pasta (white); Pastries; Pickles (commercial); Pork; Poultry; Seafood; Soft Drinks; Sugar (white); Table Salt; Tea (black); White Bread; White Vinegar; Whole Wheat Foods; Wine; Yogurt.