“When I first saw Hee, I suffered from depression, hormonal imbalance and problems with my menstruation. Within the first week, I was relieved of many symptoms and gained more clarity. I also had a marked increase in energy and feelings of happiness.

Within a few short months, I had quit smoking. An astonishing feat I wouldn’t have been able to do had it not been for the amazing supplements I receive from Hee, my newfound joy and positivity in my life as a result, and the fact that I’m learning to listen and respect my body. Every detox I do, I get one step closer to a better, healthier and happier me.

Hee’s natural intuitive guidance, her positive and peaceful demeanor and above all, her compassion, are gifts to us all. I am eternally grateful to have her.”

– Claire C.

“Finding Healthee Life has changed my life.  Literally!  I had struggled with Migraines (2-3 times a week!), Past Physical Traumas, and many other seemingly unrelated health issues for the past eight years.  Having gone to multiple Doctors, Chiropractors, Neurologists and
undergoing a plethora of medical testing not one of them could help me get to the root of my problems.

I have been seeing Heewon for about six months now and can honestly say that I feel like a new person – I am alive again!  The migraines have gone away and I can see the rest of my issues healing already.  Healthee Life is the only medical treatment that I have ever seen permanent results from – not to mention the treatments involve results that treat the CORE issues instead of just medications to numb the pain.

I am forever grateful and I will continue to use Healthee Life as my main source of medical consultations.”

– Jen F.

“Heewon has uncovered health issues that have caused me much pain for months. She uses a combination of Western nutrition and Eastern medicine to pinpoint which foods give or take away energy from your body, if any emotional trauma suffered earlier is playing a part in your health issues, and how any symptoms of health concerns can be traced back to the root of the problem and eliminated. I have seen doctors and specialists for my stomach and intestines and only Heewon has been able to treat my symptoms and uncover the real problem. I am so grateful, and I’ll remain a client for a LONG time”

– Nicole A

“I am really impressed with Heewon’s vast cutting edge knowledge!  She keeps up to date with the latest optimum health technologies. The information I learned about my body’s food sensitivities is quite valuable. And, the small recommendations she gave me has made improvements on my energy and over all health. Just by looking at you, and asking a few questions she seems extraordinarily gifted with figuring out what the problems are!!!  I’m so impressed!!  And, I think it’s amazing that she figured out that my dental issues were actually linked to  poor digestion!  I feel great knowing that I have a health consultant at my fingertips! Thank you Heewon!!!!  Your knowledge and insight is so valuable!”

-Verina S

“I always thought detoxes were stupid and grossly unhealthy.  Who wants to drink lemon juice and cayenne pepper?  However, the Fresh Start detox I did with Healthee Life was a GREAT investment.  It may sound like a lot of money, but the Fresh Start detox was definitely money well spent.  Heewon answered all of my questions and helped me with a menu for the duration of the whole program.  The detox was the best thing I’ve done for my body.  This is not an impossible program to do.  It is a gradual way of being conscientious of the types of foods we put into our bodies and what kind of effects those foods have on our health, our skin, and our sleep!  Through this program,  my waistline got smaller, my complexion became brighter AND I slept the best I’d ever slept.


We forget that the food we eat impacts all the facets of our lives, down to ever little thing. And doing the detox was undeniably great, the healthiest three weeks of my life!  I’d recommend it to anyone!  I also highly recommend the allergen test too.  It’s a simple way to find out what foods your body reacts well to so that it gives you optimum energy and which foods really just drain the life out of you.  If you’re ready for a change in your lifestyle, this is the one!”

– Judy L.

“After a testing program in her office, Heewon determined that I had mercury in my system from old dental fillings that were removed in 1995 and gold from my new filings. She also determined that the heavy metals had affected my stomach, liver and kidneys, She recommended a detoxification program that incorporated foot baths with magnetic clay and some supplements to aid the cleansing. After going through the program, I am free of the heavy metals and feel much better as follows:

  • I have much more energy and seldom get tired during the day.

  • I have more strength and endurance when I go to the health club.

  • My digestion is much better and accordingly I do not need to eat as much as my metabolism seems to be much improved.

  • I no longer have the problem of feeling bad in the morning.

I had tried other practitioners including medical doctors but Heewon as the first healer to find my heavy metals and accordingly find a remedy and I feel extremely positive about the complete program. It was straightforward, reasonably priced, easy to do and it worked!”

– Wendall C.