heeAs you have probably figured out by now, my real name is ‘Hee’, short for Heewon, as many friends have called me throughout the years.
is a compilation of all that I’ve learned about health during the past 15 years of my clinical practice as well as  everything I’ve learned since childhood. I’ve always been fascinated by food, and as my interest grew beyond helping my mother cook in the kitchen, exploring different tastes and cooking methods, I began to notice the effect of food on the way people feel.  Not only that but how the same foods often affect individuals quite differently.

Since then, I was always in tune to the uniqueness in every individual and learned to translate that quality into each person’s diet and lifestyle.

A basic nutrition course my freshman year in college sparked a deep interest and intuition that food can heal. I started to advocate healthy diet and lifestyle to friends and family and decided to seek and pursue a career in the world of holistic nutrition and natural healing.

In 2004, I started an internship where I gained more exposure in the field of clinical and functional nutrition and was trained as a nutritionist. Since then, I have been attending numerous seminars to broaden my insight, perspective and knowledge in order to better understand the intricacies of the human body. I graduated from The University of Bridgeport, with a Masters in Human Nutrition, while maintaining my role as a Senior Nutritionist at a nutrition and wellness clinic. In 2009 I started my Healthee Life, a nutrition and wellness clinic in Los Angeles.

Through individual consultations, I teach healthy eating and lifestyle modifications in a fun and creative way, while helping individuals and families rid their ailments and lower their risk of common diseases found in today’s world. With my interest in herbs and the specific roles of different nutrients, my customized programs are thorough and truly aid individuals toward getting healthier. I believe that the many modalities, theories, traditions and approaches to health exist because they all hold validity, especially at different times in a person’s life. The synergistic way that nutrients work and the complementary way that different healing modalities work are so intriguing and vital to rapid healing.  Thus, I make it a priority to be as integrative as possible without compromising standards of quality.

Many friends, family and clients have inspired and motivated me to start as my instrument to help you make better choices each day. It is so easy to be unhealthy in our modern, fast-paced society but it is definitely possible, if you just take a little bit of time and effort to learn how. I hope that the tips, advice and recipes I share through are an aid to helping you walk toward and maintain a healthee life.

Remember, good choices are contagious – so spread your healthee choices!

Love & Blessings,