UNICEF’s Challenge: Forgo Your Phone for H2O

The United Nation’s Children’s Fund, better known as UNICEF, has created a simple challenge for smart-phone users: How long can you not touch your phone in the name of providing clean water for those in need?


Cell phones have become a thoughtless way for many of us to spend our time, as their video explanation of the challenge illustrates for us in a humorous (and arguably accurate) way. Many of us who are fortunate enough to have simple necessities to sustain life, such as reliable access to clean drinking water, forget that as crucial as our phones feel, they truly are not essential.

They’ve created perhaps the simplest challenge for quite a high payoff: once the app is on one’s phone, each ten minutes without using the phone provides a full day’s worth of water to a child in need. To get involved, visit the website from your mobile phone and download the app. Hurry – the challenge lasts only until March 31st.


So… give it a shot! How long can you go?