This application will come in handy during your trip to the grocery store. Fooducate analyzes nutrition labels and ingredients lists so you can make better choices at the market. You can scan a product barcode and Fooducate will highlight the good and bad qualities such as calories, fat content, sodium, artificial flavoring and more. It will also grade the product from A+ to F to help simplify things.

If the product doesn’t make an A, it will provide alternatives that do; to ensure you are making the healthiest choice. Dieticians developed the application, so you don’t have to worry about the food companies having any influence on the grade. It also points out possible portion control issues- such as a 20 fl oz soda bottle listing nutrition facts for an 8 fl oz bottle. Over 160,000 products are analyzed, which should cover everything in your shopping cart! This application is free and currently available for iPhone and Android phones.

Get it here for iPhone and Android phones! Happy scanning!