I suffered from depression, hormonal imbalance, and problems with my menstruation.

Within the first week, I was relieved of many symptoms and ... had a marked increase in energy and feelings of happiness.

   — Claire C.
I had struggled with Migraines (2-3 times a week!), past physical traumas, and many other seemingly unrelated health issues for the past eight years.

I have been seeing Heewon for about six months now and can honestly say that I feel like a new person - I am alive again!

   — Jen F.
We forget that the food we eat impacts all the facets of our lives, down to every little thing.

And doing the detox was undeniably great, the healthiest three weeks of my life!

   — Judy L.
I have much more energy and seldom get tired during the day.

I feel extremely positive about the complete program. It was straightforward, reasonably priced, easy to do and it worked!

   — Wendall C.
The information I learned about my body's food sensitivities is quite valuable.

And, the small recommendations she gave me has made improvements on my energy and over all health.

   — Verina S.

Welcome!  I am Heewon, a holistic nutritionist dedicated to helping you find the root of your health concerns so that you can express your greatest genetic potential and live your best life. I believe that proper nutrition is key to achieving wellness and am eager to help you find your genetic uniqueness and custom tailor your individual path to a vibrant life.
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