InBody 520

This state of the art BIA (Bioelectrical Impendence Analysis) machine measures your Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Water Distribution and Segmental Muscular Development so you can better understand how your diet, exercise and lifestyle regimen are influencing your body composition.

Chia is the New Flax

You have probably noticed Chia seeds popping up everywhere in baked goods, sprinkled on salads, and blended into smoothies. Well what are they? These tiny little seeds that look like dinosaur eggs are an ancient superfood. Chia seeds come from the desert based salvia plant and were a staple part of ancient Mayan and Aztec diets. Chia contains high amounts of fiber, easily digestible protein, antioxidants, calcium and iron. They are the highest known source of plant-based omega-3, stealing the spotlight from the ever so popular flax seed (which is still great for you). The health benefits don’t stop there!

Fresh Start Detox Program

Everything you eat, breathe and put on your skin needs to be processed and filtered by your liver and then excreted via the intestines and/or kidneys. The more we use these organs by bombarding our systems with junk, the more we need to clean and help them work. Unfortunately, we as a culture don’t practice regular detoxification nor do we get all the nutrients in the amounts necessary to support healthy and complete detoxification.

Wi Fi Body Scale

Withings created a wi-fi capable scale that monitors&graphs your weight and body mass index (BMI) via a free service via the web.  Each scale can track 8 different user’s progress and you can download an app for your iPhone!

At $159, it’s an investment but the reviews are mostly positive. If you use a scale to monitor your weight goal and like cool gadgets, it may be worth the moola.