QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis

Quantum Reflex Analysis is an applied kinesiological testing
technique (referred to as ‘muscle testing’ by some). It uses the Bi-digital (2 finger) O-ring test and is a safe, non-invasive, easy, and painless assessment tool.

Discovered and patented by Yoshiaki Omura Ph. D, the O-ring has been tested in scientific studies and clinically proven to work.

Zyto Elite

We have incorporated Zyto’s uber-futuristic assessment tool to help give us another in-office tool (and Virtual – yes we can test you no matter where you are as long as you have access to the internet) to help qualify and quantify what is going on in the body!

Our painless technology allows us to communicate with your body. In conjunction with our QRA assessment technique, we can test your body to see which foods, supplements, and/or natural remedies are most compatible with it.

Micronutrient Testing

Are you nutrient deficient? Is your multivitamin working? Test to see if your vitamin levels are the best they can be!

“Although the clinical syndromes of vitamin deficiencies are unusual in Western societies, suboptimal vitamin status is not. Because suboptimal vitamin status is associated with many chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases, cancer and osteoporosis, it is important for physicians to identify patients with poor nutrition or other reasons for increased vitamin needs”

Lipoprotein Particle

When we get our annual blood work, most labs only test 4 numbers: Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL and Triglycerides. It has been reported that up to 50 percent of those who have suffered heart attacks had “normal” cholesterol numbers.

Most of us have been taught about the importance of maintaining a healthy cholesterol level, say under 200. Some of us even understand the difference between LDL (“bad” cholesterol) and HDL (“good” cholesterol).

Strength Finders

Is it easier to make a list of your shortcomings or rattle off your top 10 strengths? Most of us focus more time trying to fix our weaknesses than developing our strengths. Are you a great learner or skilled at making friends? Do use your competitive nature to fuel your motivation and get satisfaction from your achievements? Do you make decisions slowly and thoroughly or do you do like getting things done quickly? And how do you use these traits to be the best that you can be in the field of your interest?

Test Your Bone Health

Most physicians don’t recommend checking for bone mass until you reach your 50’s. However, habits in our modern lives such as smoking, eating disorders and lack of exercise can cause early deterioration of our bones. There are two main ways of testing for bone health: DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) and NTx (Cross-linked N-telopeptides of type I collagen).

Vitamin D Status

Vitamin D is produced in the skin via the UVb rays in sunlight. What is the most important to note is the amount of vitamin D that the body naturally produces with sunlight. Why is the daily recommended dose of vitamin D is 400 units when your body will make 10,000 units of D with full exposure in only 30 minutes. Granted this amount is achieved when the sun is at it’s highest point in the sky, you have to wonder what other roles this important nutrient plays in the body.

Testing Your pH

Balancing your body pH is one of the most important steps to maintaining good health. The body, through the renal system (kidneys) is constantly seeking to get rid of the excess acids that irritate the tissues and deplete them of minerals. When your body is acidic, it is also low in oxygen, which is the perfect environment that bacteria thrive in.