Spicely Organic

I love love love Spicely Organics’ spices, especially their spice mixtures that are so easy to use and so versatile!  They come in small packages so that they won’t sit in your cupboard for years.

My favorites include the Organic Thai Curry Mix, Italian Mix, Curry Powder and Saffron! Use them to marinate your meats, throw some in a vegetable stir fry, or jazz up a simple homemade salad dressing. Get creative! Yummm…

Simply Organics All-Purpose Seasoning

Available at stores that carry Simply Organic seasonings, this concoction of dehydrated veggies and spices makes wonderful shortcut to dressing up both veggies and meats! My favorite is using them to grill/roast eggplants!

Lydia’s Organics Raw Seasoning

Lydia’s Organics’ all raw, organic, vegan Seasoning is a delicious, nutritious addition to any dish, dip, soup, salad and more.

The seasoning is made from nuts, seeds, vegetables, herbs, spices and sea vegetables. It is grain-less, gluten-free, oil-free and soy-free food. Use to season your salads, soups, and vegetables!