The Truth About Canola Oil

What is a canola plant?
You probably can’t picture it because it doesn’t exist.

Canola oil actually comes from the rapeseed plant, which isn’t the most appealing name in the world. During WWII this oil was used for industrial purposes and the oil was so toxic that it was actually banned by the FDA for human consumption in 1956!

Does Your Olive Oil Come in a Dark Bottle?

A diet rich in olive oil has been long recognized for its benefits in cardiovascular health, joint health, cancer prevention, skin and cognitive function due to its anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant properties.

But is there a difference among the array of pretty-shaped, fancy-labeled bottles at the grocery store?

Which Oils are Safe to Cook With?

Because oils are susceptible to rancidity when exposed to heat, it is important not to cook with an oil with a low smoke point and not to cook over an oil’s smoke point – the temperature at which the oil starts to break down. At this point, the heat will cause oxidation in the oil, destroying the protective properties of the oil. Imagine the process of iron turning to rust and that playing out in your food and eventually damaging your cells. This would be counter-productive to eating good quality oils.

Olive Oil for Radiant Skin

Covering the entire surface area of your body, the integumentary system, aka, your skin, is the largest organ of your body. Whether you are deficient in essential fatty acids, antioxidants or just have poor circulation, your skin may not be getting adequate nutrients.