Farmer’s Market Above the City

I’ve been wanting to check out Yamashiro Restaurant’s Garden Market
since they opened a couple of months ago. Though I am a LA native, I
haven’t visited this amazing historical
landmark till this week!

Their $2 valet service has been discontinued. BUT, there is free parking
at the Fifth Christian Science Church @ 7107 Hollywood Blvd (enter off
N. La Brea Ave) where a complimentary shuttle service will take you up
the hill. We arrive late – around 7:45 – and noticed quite a few people
walking down the hill — which mean, they must’ve walked up. It was
still bright out at 7:45 so if you go early, it’d be a nice short hike
up and down the hill.

Do you know how to be married?

Submitted by: Lory Ishii

If I could have a quarter for every time someone I knew asked me, “do you think he/she is my soul mate?” then I’d be moving into Bill Gates’ house.   Ellen McCarthy of the Washington Post recently published an article entitled, “The Marriage Myth: Why do so many couples divorce? Maybe they just don’t know how to be married.” The article touches on some really important relational aspects, which I list below…with my own spin, of course: