Saffron Rouge Makeup

Saffron Rouge is a organic skin care line with a black list of all the hazardous ingredient in that are not used in their products. They evaluate every ingredient for the customer and focus exclusively on organics, minerals and plant derived products; and guarantee that all the products they carry are made with genuinely pure …

Aubrey Organics

There are many newer companies that formulate their skin + hair care line of products with really natural ingredients and ethical values. Of the handful of older companies is Aubrey Organics, a company founded in 1967 by Mr. Aubrey Hampton, producing a wide range of skincare (for oily, dry, normal and sensitive complexions), hair care and newest to the company, makeup items. They use grapefruit seed extract, aka citric seed extract, in combination with vitamins A, C and E to make ‘Aubrey’s Preservative’.

Yummy MyChelle

MyChelle Dermaceuticals make a line of the most yummy-smelling skincare products from fruit enzymes. All of their products are free of synthetic and harmful chemicals.  We were first introduced to these amazing products a few years back browsing the aisles at the Natural Products Expo.  You know how it gets indoors when there are thousands of people; you feel dry, dehydrated and tired.