The Truth About Canola Oil

What is a canola plant?
You probably can’t picture it because it doesn’t exist.

Canola oil actually comes from the rapeseed plant, which isn’t the most appealing name in the world. During WWII this oil was used for industrial purposes and the oil was so toxic that it was actually banned by the FDA for human consumption in 1956!

Say No to Frankenfish

Genetically Modified Organisms flood not only the aisles in the supermarkets but also the produce section. Many of our fruit, veggies, grains and beans are genetically modified to produce higher yield in the fields, for prettier colors and more uniform shape. But it doesn’t end there. Scientist are genetically engineering our FISH supply.


The Center for Food Safety urges use to vote that these unnatural FrankenFish be properly labelled. Join us to vote Yes on this bill!