Edible Flowers

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Eat them both, they’re
healthy for you!

Enjoy flowers for their beautiful colors, their soothing
scents, and their health benefits. Make sure all flowers come from respectable,
organic farms. Otherwise, they are not safe to eat. If you can, grow your own!
Adding it to soups, salad or using them in sauces, desserts will not only give you some eye candy but will also add a punch of flavor, aroma and beneficial nutrients!

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Here are a few of the most popular edible flowers and how they will improve
your health:


How clean is your food?

A while back, my sister saw me washing my “triple rinsed” organic spring mix and
exclaimed, “you ARE supposed to wash them even though they’re rinsed, right?
‘Jane’ [some friend] yelled at me for washing my pre-washed veggies!” There are 2 things to consider here:

Many incidences of food borne illnesses have been reported even here in the U.S. We often mistaken our technologically advanced society to be clean and free of infectives often found in lesser developed countries.  However, it’s true. Many of my clients have had parasites, flukes, and bacteria from a less-than-clean meal. It took a lot of knowledge to really understand how badly these critters can harm us. I’m not talking about mile long worms (did you hear about the guinea worms on NPR today?) but improper hygiene leads fecal to food contamination of many many (sometime antibiotic resistant) bugs to make our insides their home.