Ginger Anyone?

Common Ingredient – GINGER

Having taken the hubbs to Expo West, I ended up with a collection of drinks – fancy sodas, energy shots, ‘healthy’ red-bull like canned drinks and iced teas – of which, these ginger goodnesses are my favorites.. These ginger drinks are basically ginger ale ~ ginger extract, juice or grated pieces in some sort of concoction of sugar and sparkling water.

The Ginger People’s (you may know them as the makers of the famous Ginger Chews) Ginger Beer:
contains water, cane sugar, naturally pressed ginger juice, natural ginger extract, citric acid, natural flavor.

Rob’s Really Good

Did someone say Chocolate? AND tea?

Yes. Both. Together! It’s like mocha but better… After sampling this flavor, all the others didn’t not measure up!