Spring into Optimal Health!


Spring is upon us, and the concept of “spring cleaning” our domiciles comes to mind… Chinese medicine associates spring with the liver and gallbladder; both work together as blood cleansers. It’s like they’ve worked to keep our other organs and blood relatively free of toxins all winter, now it’s time to clean them out so they can function to their fullest. Liver dysfunction leads to chronic poor health, disease and death.

Skin Brushing


Dry skin brushing is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to detox at home, and this technique provides a number of important health benefits.

Jumpstart the New Year with a Cleanse or Detox Regime!

Happy New Year!

After indulging in the stuffing and pies, you should be hitting the treadmills and getting back into the groove of your regular eating habits. But most of us need a little jumpstart to shake off that sugar high and lose those 5 pounds that crept into your pants in the last month!

We recommended a bi-yearly detox to Spring Clean your body and Fall into Health! Having spoken to many people, we realized that most people use the terms “cleanse” and “detox” interchangeably. However, a cleanse and a detox are very different things.

A cleanse (ie, the Master Cleanse) or a fast (including juice fasts) gives the body a break from its regular duties – specifically the digestive processes of mastication, secreting gastric acid and enzymes and elimination.

Really. You need to clean up!

The host at a talk I did a few years back introduced me as an “Organic” Nutritionist. A holistic nutritionist or clinical nutritionist I am, but Organic? I thought it was cute and funny but wondered, would I, if I were meat or produce, be able to be called “organic”?

Well, what is the criteria to be certified organic? According to wikipedia, organic certification “generally involve a set of production standards for growing, storage,
processing, packaging and shipping that include: