Wood – Organic Cafe

A friendly neighborhood burger joint, Wood Cafe, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They serve their meals made from farm fresh ingredients from local farmers and pride themselves for using natural meats too. Casual and dog friendly with the cute outdoor patio, enjoy a weekend brunch or a casual meal mid-week.

The Curious Palate

On one of my many drives down Venice Blvd, this awesome little joint caught my eye and one Sunday morning, I finally made my way in. The Curious Palate – how much cuter could that name be? – is a farm-to-table establishment of the most creative dishes you can imagine!

Green Peas Casual Food

On the corner of Sepulveda and Braddock (just south of Culver) stands a unpretentious, friendly, affordable and healthy eatery featuring vegan and vegetarian options while offering some real chicken and steak – hormones, nitrates and antibiotic free, of course – dishes so you can enjoy a meal with just about anyone.

Culver City Stairs

Have you ever wondered about the odd hill that stands alone while driving along the 405?  That would be Baldwin Hills, a little out of place, giving us breathtaking views of all of Los Angeles.

The trail, steps and driveway leading up to the scenic overlook is off Jefferson Blvd, a little east of the park entrance on Duquesne Ave in Culver City. Parking on Jefferson might be a little tricky but the hike up and view is spectacular!