Jumpstart the New Year with a Cleanse or Detox Regime!

Happy New Year!

After indulging in the stuffing and pies, you should be hitting the treadmills and getting back into the groove of your regular eating habits. But most of us need a little jumpstart to shake off that sugar high and lose those 5 pounds that crept into your pants in the last month!

We recommended a bi-yearly detox to Spring Clean your body and Fall into Health! Having spoken to many people, we realized that most people use the terms “cleanse” and “detox” interchangeably. However, a cleanse and a detox are very different things.

A cleanse (ie, the Master Cleanse) or a fast (including juice fasts) gives the body a break from its regular duties – specifically the digestive processes of mastication, secreting gastric acid and enzymes and elimination.