Chemical Cuisine

The rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t eat anything that you don’t recognize. These days, so many products are loaded with chemicals that make a simple ingredients list a mile long. Chemical Cuisine is a new application that will help you decipher these mysterious chemicals to determine if you want to put it in your body or not. Simply type in the chemical and it will give you a detailed description of what the chemical is,

The Carrot

Tracking food intake, workouts, and supplements can become draining, but this application makes it easy and fun!

The Carrot is the leading life management tracker with many benefits. It offers 30+ different trackers for health and lifestyle. It even offers assistance to quit smoking using a gradual approach. It’s simple and well organized.


This application will come in handy during your trip to the grocery store. Fooducate analyzes nutrition labels and ingredients lists so you can make better choices at the market. You can scan a product barcode and Fooducate will highlight the good and bad qualities such as calories, fat content, sodium, artificial flavoring and more. It will also grade the product from A+ to F to help simplify things.