Farmer’s Market Above the City

I’ve been wanting to check out Yamashiro Restaurant’s Garden Market
since they opened a couple of months ago. Though I am a LA native, I
haven’t visited this amazing historical
landmark till this week!

Their $2 valet service has been discontinued. BUT, there is free parking
at the Fifth Christian Science Church @ 7107 Hollywood Blvd (enter off
N. La Brea Ave) where a complimentary shuttle service will take you up
the hill. We arrive late – around 7:45 – and noticed quite a few people
walking down the hill — which mean, they must’ve walked up. It was
still bright out at 7:45 so if you go early, it’d be a nice short hike
up and down the hill.

A Rebuttal about Agave

I accidentally stumbled upon this article/letter on the web today. Though it is from an agave manufacturer, I believe that not everything is always black or white. So in everything there is balance and the real driving key is the quantity of sugar — sugar in any form — that you ingest every day.  I recommend that you mix it up.. some good raw agave, raw sugar, raw honey, stevia, and maybe even some xylitol if you are okay with sugar alcohols.

Article below from Tradin Organics —

Shocking! There is much misinformation about agave syrup and its production process.

The Truth

We’ve been following with interest the article “Shocking! This ‘Tequila’ Sweetener is Far Worse than High Fructose Corn Syrup” the last couple of days. It is amazing how powerful internet is in terms of informing or in this case misinforming people.

The Sad Claims about Agave Nectar

During the past five year of practice, I’ve recommended agave nectar as
the sweetener of choice, having learned of its low glycemic index and
therefore, its benefits over table sugar, commercial honey and of
course, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This product of this noble
Mexican cactus, famed for it’s fermented beverage, tequilla, has since
then, replaced sugar, maple syrup and honey in many pantries across the

2007, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Happy to be amongst agave plants at a
local tequila factory.

Sunday Morning Brunch

I am so uber-blessed with the most wonderful group of girls that anyone can have!  We do our best to get together every few weeks and share updates on our individually awesome lives over food, chocolate, wine. Today, We added to our table of treats with something old for a few but something very new for most: HOMEMADE JUICE.

Left: Fawn’s Green Kale-Carrot-Pineapple Elixir; Right: Jess’ Apple-Carrot-Watermelon-Cucumber Mimosa

Really. You need to clean up!

The host at a talk I did a few years back introduced me as an “Organic” Nutritionist. A holistic nutritionist or clinical nutritionist I am, but Organic? I thought it was cute and funny but wondered, would I, if I were meat or produce, be able to be called “organic”?

Well, what is the criteria to be certified organic? According to wikipedia, organic certification “generally involve a set of production standards for growing, storage,
processing, packaging and shipping that include: