Jewish or Mexican?

It’s that time of the year, Passover and Easter. A group of my friends celebrated the holidays with a Sedar dinner last night. Everyone brought a delectable dish, some in observance of the holidays, others, well, not. In preparation for the event, I brainstormed what I’ll make and since I was designated to bring a side dish, I scoured the web for passover meal sides. Most site boasted some type of gratin or sauteed asparagus but all of them has their variation of matzoh ball soup. Now, I have never tried matzoh ball soup — though I have had matzoh flatbread a number of times. Plain and crunchy but made of white flour, I figure i could substitute traditional matzoh with a healthier version. I remembered a brown rice cracker that reminded me of the famed Jewish flatbread and put the Hol-Grain crackers, made solely with brown rice and water, on my shopping list. While buying the necessary veggies for the meal, I decided to look at the traditional matzoh ball mixes and was, to put it nicely, appalled:

Can you believe it? Hydrogenated oils AND MSG!!! UGH! I was relieved to find some wholesome matzoh afterwards:

Anyway, I wasn’t sure how my non-matzoh matzoh balls would turn out so I decided to make another type of ball — meat and rice balls used in Mexican albondigas soup. Ok, so I’m neither Jewish nor Mexican so neither of my recipes may be very authentic, but they are healthier than their traditional counterparts.

So here are my matzoh balls…

… and my albondigas meatballs:

I cooked 27 each of the above and served one each of the round goodnesses together in a vegetable broth based soup (though the chicken meatballs definitely added flavor). We enjoyed our leftover matzoh ball soup for breakfast:

then for lunch, cooked up some albondigas soup:

It was hearty and warm (it’s still cold~~) for a perfect midday meal.

Some food highlights cooked by my wonderful friend from last night included:
Old Fashioned Meat Loaf; Slow-braised Brisket; Grilled Chicken Breast; Chicken Penne Pasta with Mushrooms; and Spinach Salad with Strawberry, Goat Cheee and Candied Pecans ….

…and for dessert – Red Velvet Bunny Cake coated with Toasted Coconut and Bundt Yellow Cake!

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!


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