Harmful Skin Care Ingredients

Your skin is your body’s largest organ; it plays an important role in protecting and detoxing us. Unfortunately, in trying to take care of it, you could be doing your skin a disservice: just like manufacturers sneak harmful ingredients into cosmetics, they sometimes include ingredients in skin care products that can damage this vital and delicate tissue. Watch out for these six substances that can sabotage your efforts to treat your skin right.

  1. Petroleum Jelly – Prevents the skin from breathing and traps toxins
  2. Mineral Oil – Derived from petroleum, it speeds up the aging of the skin
  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – Dries the skin out and breaks down the natural moisture barriers
  4. Talcum powder – A known carcinogen
  5. Color – Most colorants are made from coal tar
  6. Paraben – Used as a preservative, this is a known toxin!