Healthee Hair

The reason we have hair is not just to enhance our looks. It is there to conserve body heat, protect our scalp, and serves as a sensory device. Hair care actually begins with what we eat, and relies on the products we use to keep it healthy.

A healthy diet of fresh produce, whole grains, healthy oils, sufficient protein, and plenty of water is absolutely essential. Both hair and nails are 95-98% protein, so getting enough protein is important. Excessive salt, sugar, and animal fat are all bad for the hair because they cause additional stress to the body. Animal fats are bad, but polyunsaturated plant oils are good!  They provide essential fatty acids that are vital for healthy hair. EFAs help utilize the B vitamins which keeps hair shiny and soft and also carries fat soluble vitamins A, E, D and K. Since EFAs also help the body conserve protein, insufficient amounts can result in hair loss. Omega-3 is great to keep your hair silky and shiny, you can get this from deep water fish like salmon or in supplement form.

Cleaning your hair is also very important. Some of the best hair care products won’t be found in fancy salons but rather your local health food store! Good ingredients to look for when purchasing hair products are, aloe vera, jojoba oil, panthenol, keratin, and herbs such as lavender, chamomile, nettle, sage, and rosemary. There are many great lines out there, one that we believe in here at Healthee Life is Aubrey Organics. Many experts advise washing your hair daily to remove dirt and environmental pollutants and perspiration from the scalp. If you use good products and wash daily, it will not cause your hair to dry out. Massage your scalp before washing to loosen up debris and to encourage circulation. Wash gently from your scalp to the ends and rinse thoroughly so that the hair squeaks. Don’t be afraid to rinse your hair lightly twice a day after exercise to remove perspiration and oil, or the salt from ocean water. Sometimes just rinsing with clear water and applying a small amount of conditioner is all it needs to freshen up!


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