Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food

Dave, a former acupuncturist, created Dave’s Gourmet Korean Food – a line of vegetarian, vegan and msg-free line of traditional Korean banchan (side dishes) that are usually eaten as part of every meal with rice and a soup or stew.

He omits the shrimp, oysters, and clams that are used in kim-chi and makes fish-less fish-cake-like ‘tempeh‘ – a fermented bean patty. Among these highlights are raw, fermented, marinated burdock root, lotus root, cucumbers, shitake mushrooms, homemade miso and sugar-free pickled ginger. The raw U-Cha-Greens, fermented in vegetable broth tastes cooked yet fresh and crunchy.

The newest concoctions are oil-less salad dressing made mostly of fruit and apple cider vinegar. Flavors include fuji apple, Asian pear and pineapple.

They have a stand at many of the local farmer’s markets including the Manhattan Beach, Mar Vista, Studio City, WeHo, Burbank, Westwood, South Pasadena and Culver City Market.

Find out if they come to a market near you: (310) 429-4347



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