Ginger Anyone?

Common Ingredient – GINGER

Having taken the hubbs to Expo West, I ended up with a collection of drinks – fancy sodas, energy shots, ‘healthy’ red-bull like canned drinks and iced teas – of which, these ginger goodnesses are my favorites.. These ginger drinks are basically ginger ale ~ ginger extract, juice or grated pieces in some sort of concoction of sugar and sparkling water.

The Ginger People’s (you may know them as the makers of the famous Ginger Chews) Ginger Beer:
contains water, cane sugar, naturally pressed ginger juice, natural ginger extract, citric acid, natural flavor.

Their ginger soother contains filtered water, honey, ginger juice, lemon juice, natural flavor. Each 12oz bottle contains 19g of ginger.  Humm ‘natural flavor’ hum…..

Reed’s Extra Ginger brew has a serious bite with ’25 grams of fresh ginger root’ whilst their Premium Ginger Brew is sweetened only with honey and pineapple juice (as opposed to fructose in their Original Brew).

Fresh Ginger’s Ginger Ale gave a different twist to their concoctions by using sparkling tea as their base; they offer Original, Pomegranate Hibiscus and Jasime Green Tea.

Strength of ginger – Reed’s extra brew definitely gets this — however, not too happy about the fructose. 🙁

I like The Ginger People’s non carbonated ginger drinks but again, natural flavors?

If you want just a hint – Fresh Ginger Ale is the best and I’m happy that they use only fresh ginger.

After making weekly batches of ginger tea in the winter, I started making iced versions. Make your own ginger brew, ginger lemonade, ginger limeade…. or… get creative and make ginger iced tea with your favorite tea!


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