The Curious Palate

On one of my many drives down Venice Blvd, this awesome little joint caught my eye and one Sunday morning, I finally made my way in. The Curious Palate – how much cuter could that name be? – is a farm-to-table establishment of the most creative dishes you can imagine!

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner (but only till 8pm) some menu items include the following:

Pulled Pork: Niman Ranch pork w/onion confit, deglazed in a strawberry gastrique, served on a brioche bun w/bed of lettuce;
The Florentine: Goat cheese, marinated baby artichokes, roasted tomatoes, spinach, avocado, Moroccan olives on 5-grain with balasamic
Wasabi Shrimp: wild white shrimp, baby greens, grated daikon, scallions&Japanese pickles, w/a white miso dressing

The Royale Breakfast Omlette: w/Surchoix Gruyère cheese, Québec 4-year vintage cheddar&fresh mozzarella

Right next to the Mar Vista farmer’s market, this restaurant and specialty foods store will heighten your curiosity with any of their delectable meals and artisan chocolates (among homemade jams, ice creams, etc). They’ll make any sandwich a salad and vice-versa!

Take your taste buds on a ride!


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