Hello World!

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited to start this site/blog in which I’ll share the best in holistic and natural health with you! How appropriate that I start this site the weekend after attending Expo West! The theme of this year was gluten-free pizzas, eco-friendly, plant based laundry detergent (with new brands launched), private-labeled detox programs, artisan agave nectar and stevia sweeteners like Truvia.

To start off our day of sampling packaged foods and beverages on the right foot, we fueled ourselves with stir-fried broccolini and eggs.

Asparagus and soft boiled eggs, kale and poached eggs, swiss chard and over easy, steamed broccoli and hard boiled… you can’t go wrong with greens eggs minus the ham for a nutrition packed breakfast. What you start your day off with can set the mood for your entire day so choose wisely!

Stay tuned as I introduce you to the “EAT&DRINK” section of this site!

Welcome again and I hope to be a great resource for your healthee life!


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