Yummy MyChelle

MyChelle Dermaceuticals make a line of the most yummy-smelling skincare products from fruit enzymes. All of their products are free of synthetic and harmful chemicals.  We were first introduced to these amazing products a few years back browsing the aisles at the Natural Products Expo.  You know how it gets indoors when there are thousands of people; you feel dry, dehydrated and tired.  We stopped by at a mineral makeup booth and they were having everyone spray on MyChelle’s Fruit Enzyme Mist to hydrate their skin before testing their mineral powder – so it applies better. We sprayed our faces with the sweet mist and were instantly revived and subsequently hooked!

My favorites include the Pumpkin Renew Cream, Fabulous Eye Cream, Apple Brightening Mist and Del Sol Sunless Tanning Cream. The Barefoot Treatment totally relaxes tired feet and their Concealers are convenient and work well!


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