Does Your Olive Oil Come in a Dark Bottle?

A diet rich in olive oil has been long recognized for its benefits in cardiovascular health, joint health, cancer prevention, skin and cognitive function due to its anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant properties.

But is there a difference among the array of pretty-shaped, fancy-labeled bottles at the grocery store?

It is a well known fact that all oils are susceptible to rancidity when exposed to air, light and/or heat.To minimize air contact with your oil, choose one in a glass bottle over a plastic one (plastic breathes more) and finish your oil relatively quickly (30-60 days).
Purchasing oils in dark tinted bottles and keeping them in a dark cabinet will help minimize exposure to light. Make sure your olive oil is cold pressed, keep them in a cool place and be sure not to cook it over its smoke point, 375 degrees F.

You’ll notice that almost all organic extra virgin olive oil come in very dark glass bottles. You’ll also notice that most of these come with a hefty price tag. Whole Food’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is yummy, affordable as rated here.


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