Olive Oil for Radiant Skin

Covering the entire surface area of your body, the integumentary system, aka, your skin, is the largest organ of your body. Whether you are deficient in essential fatty acids, antioxidants or just have poor circulation, your skin may not be getting adequate nutrients.

Many of us use lotions to help deliver some of these nutrients and also to moisturize dry skin. Though lotions and creams may help, I’ve found olive oil to be the most effective. Not only is is great as a moisturizer but also as a cleanser&make-up remover. Because it is non-comedogenic, anti-inflammatory and hypo-allergic, it won’t clog pores, will reduce swelling/redness and can be used by just about anyone! Also contrary to popular belief, it does not make your skin more oily and can safely be used on the face too.

This study on mice demonstrates the antioxidant properties of olive oil at work when applied to the skin after sun exposure by reducing the risk of skin tumors. Applying olive oil before UVB exposure doesn’t significantly lower risk, potentially illustrating the damaging effects of heat and light to oil.

Pour a small amount on a damp sponge or wash cloth after showering, while you are still a bit wet. Let the moisture absorb for a minute (while drying your hair) then pat dry with towel. Recently, I figured that my olive oil mister would work well (since standard spray bottles squirts instead of mists) and I love it! Spray a thin layer all over and reduce spills and drips in the tub!

Look forward to vibrant, glowing, radiant skin!


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