Ear Candling

EAR CANDLING is an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years. The tapered end of a hollow candle is placed snugly into the ear and the other end is the lit. This lighting of the candle creates a gentle vacuum inside the hallow candle which extends into the inner ear.  The mild heat circulating inside the ear softens and dislodges wax and debris and pulls it out of the ear canal and into the ear candle. Difficulty hearing can be partly caused by congestion in the ear by debris and wax.

The suction of the candle also affects the ear drum, normalizing the pressure inside the ear, and sinuses. Therefore, clearing out excess ear wax and balancing the natural pressure in the ear can clear sinus congestion.

Because this is such a gentle and painless procedure, it is safe for everyone including small children (a child must be able to lie relatively still for the duration of treatment). Ear candling is great as a part of a seasonal detoxification program or as a relaxation treatment with added benefits.  It only take 12-15 minutes per candle (30 minutes for each each if using 1 candle per ear) so you could have a family member or friend administer a session for you while relaxing or while watching your favorite show!


  • hearing loss due to congestion
  • ear infections
  • ear effusion (fluid behind the ear drums)
  • migraines
  • tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • excessive ear wax build-up
  • sinusitis
  • muffled hearing
  • ear aches


  • relieves pressure in ear canal and sinus
  • improves hearing
  • safe removal of excess wax
  • helps balance&equilibrium including vertigo
  • helps eliminate ringing&itching in the ear
  • fewer ear aches&infections
  • fewer ear-related headaches
  • feeling of cleanliness
  • helps fight infection


  • Beeswax ear candles, (I normally do 1 candle the first time then 2 per ear) buy 12 for a better deal. (I found that paraffin candles tend to drip wax.)
  • Wooden skewer (comes with the candles)
  • Small towel
  • Scissors
  • Lighter/ Matches
  • Non-plastic bowl or jar (metal or glass works fine) filled with water


This should not be performed alone as it does involve fire. Have someone help you to hold and cut the candle as it burns down.

  1. Lay on your side.
  2. Have your friend light the un-tapered end and carefully insert the tapered end into your ear.
  3. Cover the ear and head with a towel.
  4. Every few minutes, when the candle burns down an inch or so, remove from the ear and cut off burned portion into the bowl of water.
  5. Re-insert. (Typically, you’ll cut the candle 3-4 times before it’s done).
  6. Once the candle gets too hot to hold (the last 2 inches or so, remove from ear and put out the flame.
  7. Insert a wooden skewer into the tapered end of the candle to remove debris collected in candle (into the bowl) if desired.
  8. Repeat in the other ear.
  9. As maintenance, repeat 4 times per year at change of seasons.
  10. When problems arise use once a week until better.


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