Gourmet Valley Heirloom Beans

I picked up a few bags of Gourmet Valley’s Heirloom beans at Whole Foods because they are sooo pretty!  They aren’t as pretty after cooking them (loses some of the details on them) but they definitely are tasty! With names like “Christmas Lima Beans” and “Eye of the Goat”, how can they not be cool to try! Three packs are are discounted on Amazon!

Most of these beans require to be soaked overnight before cooking to ensure that they are fully rehydrated before you start to cook them.  Make sure to rinse them well to get all the dirt and potential contaminants removed before you start cooking.  I like to cook the whole bag, use what I need and freeze the rest in 2 serving batches for later use.

I found this chart that shows to various soak and cook times for dry beans. Keep in mind that she uses a pressure cooker so times will vary a bit.

Complex sugars (oligosaccharides) in the beans are thought to the reason why some people experience gas after a big bowl of chili. Soaking them may help, but probably not.  Many have benefited from cooking beans with kombu, a type of seaweed that you can find at most Asian grocery stores. You can add it after soaking, before cooking as shown here.

Beans are full of fiber, helping elimination thus cleansing and detoxing your body of unnecessary toxins, fats, etc.


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